Who is Madame Aime ?

Madame Aime has a thing for fashion and beautiful things ; she often falls for a nice outfit, an accessory or a piece of jewelry, and can’t conceive it could be any different for her lingerie.

Madame Aime enjoys dolling up but cares too much about her freedom of motion to impose on herself garments, not to talk of lingerie, in which she wouldn’t feel completely herself.

Madame Aime definitly loves luxury, but only true luxury, so subtle and perfected that is seems it couldn’t be any different.


Who are we ?

Founded in September 2014, Madame Aime was created with the desire of placing women's lingerie at the heart of our dressing. With the willing of being the key of a modern and feminine silhouette.

Owned by the '7 fashion' company, Madame Aime offers women's lingerie and ready-to-wear.

French down to her toes, Madame Aime is proud to contribute to the transmission of the precious know-how of her corsetry experts in Bourg-en-Bresse.


The spirit of the collections

Graphic. Couture. Essential.

Madame Aime is fond of colors, but not just any colors : those that she develops herself, by hand, in her Parisian studio. As a result : subtle, trendy and unique colors, particularly refreshing in lingerie.

Madame Aime is elegant by nature. Therefore, her collections are always structured by graphical lignes, and full of very couture details. By Madame Aime like to be elegant, I mean really. That’s why she matches her lingerie with her outfits.

Madame Aime has extremely high standards: evidently perfect cuts, noble fabrics, polished finishings, and couture details which make her creations so special.


Made in France

Each and every creation of Madame Aime is designed and crafted in France. This unique marriage of modernity and tradition gives Madame Aime’s creations this little something which makes them so special. Indeed, Madame Aime is more than panties and petticoats, it is also a genuine human adventure.

It is a story of transmission of a unique and ancient know-how in French corsetry, between experienced seamstresses and their young collegues.

It is a story about proximity between our studio and our factory, which enables us to be reactive, to finally better serve our clients.